Enjoy the games of slot machines from Nordicasino

During the past ten years, the one-armed bandits or French slots have transitioned from physical casinos to the world of online betting games. Today, they seem willing to integrate mobile devices and tablets. Money online games such as slots, blackjack, poker only exist for a few years, and already, millions of players around the world register all day online such as Nordicasino to try their luck.Many leave with prize money in the meantime they thought they could win only in physical casinos, and they do all this from the comfort of their homes.

The birth of online slots

Already during the early days of the Internet, software companies had found ways to smuggle the incredibly popular games of slot machines to the world of online gaming. By simply taking the work they had done in the conversion of old mechanical slot machines and the transfer of such data to the Internet, these software developers had in fact already started working on what would become the first online casinos. Although the first games were fairly simple, again using the structure of the rolls rotating and locked in percentages of payment, they prepared the ground for the various games we play today.

Slots available today Nordicasino

Since then, the online slot machines have come a long way. Machines a under video French offer animations that were possible just five years earlier, and players can discover these animations from the comfort of their home. Moreover, sound effects, 3D graphics and real-time game experience allows players to feel as if they were playing in a prestigious casino room. Slot machines games themselves have changed dramatically. Now there are 3, 5, 7, or 9 rollers games, allowing players to have more chances to bet and win. Moreover, the introduction of mobile games options allows players to enjoy their favorite games from anywhere.

As Nordicasino casinos are popular all over the world, and all countries have different laws to regulate the casinos and online gaming as a whole. Even the traditional and online casinos always attract a large number of players, online casinos have become more popular than their physical counterparts because there are fewer regulations in place to play online. The French online casino market was legalized only may 2010, when the law of the french games has been approved and the ARJEL has been put in place to regulate the industry. And more than 1.2 million licenses have been requested during the first month following the validation of the Act. French casino online sites have become very popular because they give new players of great bonuses and other promotions are offered occasionally or frequently to former players. The most popular games are Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and slot machines, but there are also other very famous games. Apart from this, VIP clubs are offered at many online casinos, and their members have the opportunity to benefit from additional bonuses and other benefits.

The approval of the law on the french games provided 3 types of licenses, one for horse racing, one for Poker and one for sports betting. Legislators have not included the Paris Exchange and the Paris Dispersion in licenses, because they believe that these types of games easily lead to addiction of the players. The Government has allowed poker because players can use their own skills and strategies to win at this game that is not only based on chance. Other regulations on the online market include taxes applied Poker rate of 2% and a rate of 7.5% applied to horse racing and sports betting. The effective rate imposed on sports betting is 8.5%, and players will get only an 85% return on their bets. Legislators have put restrictions in place to ensure a low level of addiction to the game, and thus protect the players. Thanks to these measures, the France became one of the most regulated online casino markets around the world.