A Continuing Legacy

In 2011, the Morris’ were guided through prayer to ask Sensei James and Shannon Caldwell to take over business operations. Ironically, James and Shannon had separately dreamed of running the karate studio two years beforehand. When the Morris’ asked them to buy the business, the Caldwells knew, without a doubt, that they were meant to run the studio. Currently a 5th Degree black belt, Sensei James has been a student of AKS since 1995.  He started teaching classes when he earned his black belt in December 2000. Since Shannon has a background in business communication, and she enjoys working with people, it was natural for her to run the business side of the studio.

In 2014, the Caldwells moved the studio to its present location on Kerry Forest Parkway. Together with their team of dedicated instructors, they strive to help people become their best through the teachings of American Kenpo Karate.

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