Student Requirements

Training in the martial arts is a journey of personal achievement and constant renewal.

We train together but, ultimately, we are accountable only to ourselves in our path toward mastery. Through guided instruction, our students progress through the belt ranks displayed on this page.

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Junior Kenpo Program:

American Kenpo Program:

Advancement in the Junior Kenpo Karate Program

We use a stripe system to track the progress of our students. Once the student has earned a “ready” stripe, he or she is eligible to participate in our next belt exam. Our belt exams allow the students to perform in front of their family, friends and classmates in order to show their proficiency in the skills required for the next belt level.

To help new students get started in our children’s program, our study sheets may be downloaded here.  These contain the student pledge, the Kenpo Creed, and the poem of how to tie the karate belt. Children wishing to participate in a belt exam should turn in a completed Intent to Promote form (click here to download) prior to the day of the test.

Advancement in the full American Kenpo Karate Program

Students can test for stripes in class once per week and can promote up to the rank of green belt by testing one-on-one with an instructor. Students testing for one of the three brown belt ranks must do so before a panel of at least two instructors. Black Belt candidates test at a formal belt exam in front of the entire school. These are very exciting and informative events and every student is encouraged to attend to show support for their fellow martial artists.