Junior Kenpo Karate

Children may start our Junior Kenpo Karate program between the ages of 7-10.  In this program, students learn the basic moves and self-defense techniques of American Kenpo Karate, but at a child’s level.  They also learn Universal Forms that were created with this age level in mind.  Students gain focus, discipline, and strength while learning how and when to defend themselves. We recommend that students train at our studio at least two times a week and practice at home in order to gain muscle memory.

In this program, children advance through the colored belt system in order to earn a junior black belt.  As they advance and show that they have learned control, they will start to spar and use weapons such as nunchucks, bo staffs, and escrima sticks in class.

Since we are a true black belt school, all belts are earned based on a student’s skill level, commitment to practice, and his or her behavior within the studio, at home, and at school.  Before each belt test, we ask parents and teachers to fill out an “Intent to Promote” form to make sure the student is doing his or her best in other areas of his or her life.

Once a student reaches his or her junior black belt, he or she may continue on to train in our full American Kenpo Karate system in order to earn a first degree black belt.