American Kenpo Karate

Students may attend our full American Kenpo Karate classes once they have either earned their junior black belts, or are age 11 and are in middle school.  While this is the same program in which the adults participate, we have separate classes for our younger junior black belts and middle school students, as well as for our older teens and adults.

While some level of focus and discipline is expected by students entering this program, improvement in these areas is gained by learning Kenpo Karate forms and techniques.  Often we find that students gain confidence in themselves while attending our program.  Like the other programs, we suggest that students attend class at least twice a week and practice at home in order to build muscle memory.

American Kenpo Karate is a practical self-defense based system that focuses on multiple striking, kicking, and blocking. Our forms are a sequence of self-defense moves against attackers.  They also help build muscle memory, balance and coordination.

Once students learn some basic Kenpo moves, they start to spar.  Sparring helps to build reflex and timing in response to an opponent’s sudden attacks.  This is taught in a safe and controlled environment.  Sparring also gives the student a great cardio workout.

Students in this program also learn how to use nunchucks, the bo staff and escrima sticks, and how to use common items found in one’s environment during a fight.  During weapons training, we also address how to disarm an attacker.

The great part about American Kenpo, is that even when one earns a 1st degree black belt, he or she can always continue to learn.  Our grandmasters have taught us that even they are constantly reshaping and learning how to master their art.