Tiny Tigers Karate
Ages 4-6
Junior Kenpo Karate
Ages 7-10
American Kenpo Karate
Ages 11 to Adult

AMERICAN KENPO KARATE is a modern, self-defense, martial art’s system tailored to the individual. Kenpo fulfills a wide variety of needs and fitness levels.  At American Karate Studios, students learn this practical, multi-striking, fighting system to cope with today’s street situations while gaining flexibility, fitness and self-confidence.

At American Karate Studios our mission is to help students learn the life skills they need to become their best selves while learning self-defense techniques that will keep them safe. Adults and children gain focus, confidence and strength while practicing American Kenpo Karate.  Parents love that we teach our young students the importance of character skills such as honesty, courage, respect, commitment, awareness and leadership.  Most importantly, our students have fun learning these skills in our family environment.  Our students know that we care and want them to grow.

At American Karate Studios, we hold classes for various age and skill levels created to meet the developmental needs of our students.  We have a Tiny Tiger’s program for students 4-6, and a junior program that starts at age 7.  We also hold classes for the middle school students as well as for older teens and adults.

Contact us to learn how you can get in great shape while learning practical self-defense skills at American Karate Studios!